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“Glass is fascinating. It’s a medium you can look at and look through often at the same time. Doing so prompts a kind of mental shift of your attention or your focus. That shift and the ability to make layers of transparency and meaning on the different layers is what attracts me.”  paulo dufour


Blown Glass is a passionate process. It is a rhythmic dance with a fiery material as your partner set to the tempo of a molten 2200 degree roaring furnace. The glass blower must keep pace with a revolving mass of vitreous and elemental material else gravity will recover its own. Through selective heating, shaping, and blowing using tools which harken back to ancient times the parison takes the subtle clues to give form and balance to collaboration with the maker. I have been drawn to the fire from the first time I saw it in action and the flame still burns.


The Blown Glass and sculpted work shown on my site spans a period of the past decade and in most cases traces my personal artistic journey to create self expressive, visually cogent and unique works. All of my work is ground and polished to create lenses and sculpt the sometimes raw forms directly from the blowing process. In this way I can control the light which enters my work and develop the layers of meaning and visual effects that I seek. Please enjoy what I have presented and contact me if interested.

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