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“Glass is a fascinating. It’s a medium you can look at and look through at the same time. Doing so prompts a kind of mental shift of your attention or your focus. That shift and the ability to make layers of transparency and meaning on the different layers is what attracts me.”


Glass is the passion and joy of my creative life. I work with glass each day in some form - sculpting pieces for a future exhibition,  crafting a sculpture for a Catholic retreat center in Mississippi, restoring a glass lamp from the Mississippi governor’s mansion or working on or restoring a stained glass piece for a residential, commercial or institutional client.


Stained Glass holds my deepest interest. I have constructed or restored thousands of stained glass windows as commissions for churches and religious institutions, for commercial entities and for private residential clients. I often turn to stained glass for my personal artistic exploration, much like other artists opt to paint or sculpt.


Collaboration with clients on the concept, design and execution of a stained glass piece is deeply satisfying. The bond between myself and my clients comes from working closely together to bring to life the piece or project that perfectly captures the meaning, grace and esthetic of the client’s goal. We work together from the initial concept discussion to the approval process of the watercolor renderings. Clear communication is essential for a successful project, whether working with institutional committee or an individual. I strive to make the experience rewarding for all involved.


Stained Glass Restoration is a specialty, one which I consider a challenge and an opportunity to explore the history of stained glass. Installation and environmental issues occasionally require stained glass to be refurbished. It is a delicate process, one that calls upon all my skills and attention. There is much to consider and each step requires respect for the original process. This is especially true when doors are involved or if the window or door panel is too large to support the glass.


If you are interested in discussing a project with me, you can contact me through this website.


My many references are available upon request.


The work I currently have available for sale, including a description and price, is presented below.

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